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2013 Fesitval Winner

Meet The Chewys

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This brazen lass does more than adore her face on camera. Known for writing a lot of the content for Chewy Films, this creative mazen enjoys playing any character from the delicious chewy inside of a jolly rancher to a dramatic role as a waitress needing a change of career. When Amanda is not onset she can be found in her backyard in Astoria farming. Peach anyone?



Known to flip out if he doesn't get his Cheez-ITs, this Director is the ultimate perfectionist. The lucky owner of a Canon 7D, James does the dual role of Cinematographer and Director. If not toiling over the lighting for the scene, James is coaxing and petting the actors making the atmopshere feel welcoming to a brilliant peformance. In his spare time James creates Lego lookalikes and film Buzzfeeds. 



You know the expression his bark is worse than his bite? Well this does NOT apply to this Producer. Soft spoken, but tenacious like a spider, his bite is worse than his bark in the best way. Henry is soley responsible for getting us into the Made in New York Film Festival and is the all round guy who gets things done. Henry is a die hard Mets fan, so if not on set, you can find him at the Citifield stadium.  


Video Editor

Have you ever came home from a cold winter day to relax by the warm and toasty yule log fire on TV? Well this guy is responsible for caressing those flames down to a 45 min. cycle. When he is not working at Indemand, AJ slaves away on our projects on Final Cut Pro and Premiere to make our dreams a reality. In his spare time AJ makes home made cannolli's in his native Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. 

Behind the Scenes

Congratulations. You made it to the bottom of this page. You are indeed a cool human and obviously like Chewy Films. Please like us on Facebook! Just a little bit more about us. These taletned filmmakers met during a video editing internship at Frame Runner Post Production House. They started working together creating commercials for Poptent and discoverd that they worked well together and have a similar esthetic. They worked on a pizza hut commercial, a UPS commercial and a Jolly Rancher commercial. The Jolly Rancher commercial was the inspiration for our logo and we just had a blast making it. As you can see, our actor friend Katie did not.           We liked each other so much we decided to work on a short film together, Animals in the Darndest Places, which             as you already know was a winner in the Made in New York FIlm Festival. Now on to the next project, written by              James. Stay tuned.   


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